The monsters

The dictator saved the Saudi Crown Prince’s ass
He knew from Intel that the Prince ordered the beheading of Jamal Khashoggi
They chopped up his body
Jamal wrote articles critical of the Saudi regime
Jamal, a US resident, a journalist for the Washington Post
They lured him into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul
Suffocated, and then chopped him up
His body parts never found
Trump bragged to Bob Woodward, “I saved his ass.”
The Prince is a monster
So is Trump, the President of the United States

My Father

My father, John D’Arco, was the best political prognosticator I knew. If someone said, “Joe Biden is leading,” he would have said, “It’s too early to tell.”He and I lived through the Ford-Carter election. He told me, “if the election were two weeks from now, Ford, gaining momentum, would have won.” He was a professional politician, the 1st Ward Alderman, and Committeeman of the city of Chicago, me, a State Senator in the same geographical area. So my friends take it from John D’Arco, “it’s too early to tell.”

Kellyanne looking good

Kellyanne Conway had a facelift
That’s good
Makes her look younger
Trump, a comb-over
Makes him look weirder
Biden made a mistake
Speech is too somber
Biden is no Obama
It looks like the dictator will win
Unless and maybe he gets indicted
Do the best you can
The times, they are a-changing
Bob Dylan, where’s he been?
Kanye West, Trump surrogate
Thrown off the ballet in Wisconsin
His wife said he’s a sick MF
The times, they are a-changing
People dying
A six-year-old in Hillsboro county, FL.
Trump combing his hair

August 12, 2020

FOX NEWS reporter, John Roberts asked Trump, “If you permanently eliminate the payroll tax, how are you going to pay for Social Security?” Trump said, “We will pay for it out of the general fund.” Roberts said, “How are you going to do that if the deficit in the general fund is 2.8 trillion?” Trump said, “Growth, we will have tremendous growth, and that will pay for it.” Do you get it yet? John Roberts is not talking about the debt; he’s talking about the deficit for 2020. Do you get it yet? Do you get it yet? We are in deep shit. Even Trump supporters have to laugh.

August 8, 2020

After a series of non-sensical questions from reporters in the theatre of the absurd press conference of Donald Trump, Ryan Struyk, a CNN reporter, asked: If 160,000 people died on President Obama’s watch, do you think you would have called for his resignation? Trump said, “No, I wouldn’t have done that.” Yet he wants our children to go back to school. What am I missing here? Is this man a genius or a fool?

Freedom isn’t free

Freedom without responsibility is anarchy. Some Americans think that being required to wear a mask in public is a violation of their freedom. They believe they have the right to do whatever they want, and whenever and no one can tell them otherwise. According to this simplistic view, a person could kill someone in cold blood, and law enforcement would be helpless to do anything about it. Forty years ago, I was a legislator in Illinois and voted to require mandatory seat belts in automobiles. Seat belts save lives. The evidence is overwhelming that wearing a mask does too. “Your liberty to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins.” Freedom has limits. It boils down to a matter of common sense. If not wearing a mask in public endangers not only your own life but the lives of others, your right ends when you open the front door. It is common sense to wear a mask.

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how many people die
Trump supporters will defend him to the end
One is a friend of mine
And if I said, “How is Trump doing?”
He would say, “Great”!!!
The hate can’t be undone
Nothing rational people can do
They think they are the rational ones
Can’t win for losing
That’s the way it is
The Pandemic is the king

He is insane

He is insane
Wherever he goes people get infected
Don’t play his game
Stay away
He’s not your friend
He is insane
Wherever he goes people get infected
Don’t play his game
Stay away
He’s not your friend
Wherever he goes people get infected
This is not a game
Don’t play the fool
You’re better than him
He is insane
Don’t play his game
You’re better than him