A book of philosophy and poetry


A journalist at Yale University contacted me via email
He wants to interview me about the 80’s
A time I rather forget
When the Feds put gangsters and politicians in jail
Did it make Chicago a better place to live?
Maybe, maybe not
But their power is immense
Insurrectionists finding that out now
You don’t mess with the Feds
They hold all the cards

The King and I

The Khashoggi report will come out tomorrow
You guys chopped his head off
We believe in human rights
Iran is our enemy
Your son is a little crazy
I know I called you a Pariah State in the heat of the moment
But all is forgiven
We don’t want you going to Russia or China or some imaginary place I can’t think of
You are even older than me
Not sure we understand each other
Anyway, we won’t be around much longer
Take care
See you soon
Maybe, maybe not
Empires need to be kind
See you soon
Maybe, maybe not
Oil is our friend


Ineffectual, inept, unable, yet will crush you in a heartbeat if get in their way, Congress let 2004 assault weapons ban expire, killer’s assault weapon jammed, 100 rounds of ammunition, would have killed many more victims, unable to act, yet will crush you in a heartbeat, money, key to politics, not freedom.