You choose to elect an amateur

You choose to elect an amateur president of the United States; a self-proclaimed genius, who knew more about foreign affairs than all the generals in the world; maybe except for Julius Caesar. For a while, it seemed to work out, a simplistic view of history that only a genius could figure out. After all, part of being a genius is showing people how simple it all is. And then on October 6, the genius tells Erdogan, the strong-arm man of Turkey, it’s ok to invade Syria to destroy the Kurds, our ally and we, the Americans won’t interfere. Then all hell breaks loose and the genius tries to walk it back but the reality speaks for itself. Then on October 17, Mick Mulvaney his chief of staff gives a press conference without getting input from White House lawyers as to what he should or should not say: And inevitably when a guilty party tries to exonerate himself in public he always says something that makes him look guilty. Any good criminal lawyer worth his salt knows that. So Mulvaney without realizing it admits that foreign aid to Ukraine was withheld in exchange for a quid pro quo. “The corruption related to the DNC server, that’s it, that’s why we held up the money,” he said. Those of you who voted for Trump know one thing: you voted for an amateur to run the country. But as long as the stock market is up and the economy is good, you’re willing to overlook his deficiencies even though he is wreaking havoc in the Mideast, abandoning our allies, and committing impeachable offenses.

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