Why the Republican Party crossed the Rubicon; embraced authoritarianism. Traditionally Republicans decried autocracy, believed in small government and the individual’s right to pursue dreams and aspirations without interference. Now living an alternative reality, the party that prided itself on man’s inherent ability to solve problems, now embrace conspiracy theories that confound logic and reason. This party substituted nonsense for common sense. It gnaws at me because I want to understand why it happened. Some Republicans believe in reality; some in a fantasy-that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. He told Republicans that if he lost, the Democrats rigged the election. If he said I lost the election fair and square, would that have changed the mind-set of those affected by his lies? Probably not, since he already set the predicate pre-election that the Democrats rigged the election if he lost. Before he ran for the presidency, he was a birther-people who believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not America. The racist crowd was there when Barack Obama became President.

Obama himself served as a powerful recruiting tool, as the Tea Party
ranks were swelled by “Birthers”—individuals who claimed that Obama
had been born outside the United States and was thus not eligible to
serve as President.i

Some Republicans crossed the Rubicon before Donald Trump appeared on the scene; they didn’t know it yet. They already believed a Big Lie-Barack Obama was not an American citizen; It was easy for them to accept another Bie Lie-that Democrats rigged the 2020 election.
The racism existed before Donald Trump ran for the presidency; he exploited it. Being a Birther helped him get elected President. In the original Crossing the Rubicon blog, I said, “Donald Trump is an afterthought,” but the racism is still there and will not go away soon without a fight.

i https://www.britannica.com/topic/Tea-Party-movement

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