Thinking Americans?

So the idea was and still is: we will elect a businessman president instead of the same old political type like Hillary Clinton and he will straighten out our finances and make America great again. Yes, that was the idea. So the American people elected Donald Trump president of the United States. So, what did he do? The businessman president gave the American people and corporations a huge tax cut-December 17, 2017; and that did stimulate the economy, creating low unemployment and gains in the stock market. The other things he did, mostly negative, I’m not even going to talk about. So what happened to the national debt as these huge tax cuts took effect? Well, the treasury got less money and the national debt increased by 2 trillion dollars since this president took office. And yesterday, July 2, 2019, the administration and Congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling. Whoopee!! So let me ask you: How smart a businessman do you have to be to do what this president has done?

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