Rooting for a recession

I know sounds strange. Why would anyone with common sense root for a recession? Doesn’t make sense; a recession hurts my pocketbook; less money to spend; more debt to pay. But some intellectuals on the left like Bill Maher are rooting for a recession because they believe that’s the only way to beat Donald Trump. A recession is on the minds of a lot of people these days. Personalities at some of the mainstream news outlets, i.e. CNN & MSNBC talk about it endlessly. This isn’t simply a fantasy on their part. Donald Trump is worried too. Some economic indicators are pointing that way. Of course, it’s one thing to envision the possibility of a recession and another to actually root for one. Some families are struggling as it is even in a good economy; it’s those families that will get hit the hardest in a recession. Is beating Donald Trump a ‘greater good’ then the economic welfare of the American people? My emotional reaction is no! It’s not worth it and rooting for a recession is going to hurt a lot of people. If a recession is the only way to beat him, then let him win. If a recession does come, he will own it. He started a trade war with China and now he can’t figure out how to extricate himself without looking like an idiot. My father who was the smartest man I knew used to say, “Just do the best you can and use your common sense.” Trump doesn’t believe in common sense. He believes by forcing people and countries to accept what he wants because the US is the most powerful and important country in the world he can change things for his purposes. It brings to mind the time at a 2017 NATO meeting in Brussels Trump pushed aside Dusko Markovic the prime minister of Montenegro to get to the head of the line for a photo op; like saying ‘move over I am the top dog.’ That kind of arrogance will eventually be the Achilles Heel that takes him down. The only question is: will he take us down with him?

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