One in Four

One in four working Americans is unemployed. I’m into slogans like this one: ‘Make America great again’. I always thought it referred to the 1950s when America made most of its products like shoes and refrigerators; when Americans were able to afford a new home with a two-car garage. That’s what I thought the slogan meant-return to the days after WW II when America leaped to the front of the pack. Everything came together for us. Europe was devastated; Germany and Japan defeated and crushed, China not a factor although they were building for the future. The German philosopher Hegel would have said, ‘the Geist’ or ‘Spirit’ was with us, making the US the preemptive leader of the free world. That was then; this is now.
The Trump campaign came out with another slogan: ‘America is great again’. And I thought wow! We went from ‘make America great again’ to ‘America is great again’. Amazing stuff, but hay, unemployment was at 3%, the best it’s been in 50 years, so why not say ‘America is great again’ even though average wages for most American workers didn’t go up that much, things were looking pretty good. The liberals hated Trump’s success. They kept saying “40% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck.” Then the world turned on its head. And we found ourselves upside down, unemployment went from 3% to 16%, liberals now were looking pretty good-40% of working Americans were living paycheck to paycheck; they lined up at food banks to get food to survive. So what does ‘Make America great again’ mean today? It can’t mean like the 1950s. Maybe it means pre coronavirus but It was great then so it can’t be that; then what does it mean? It wasn’t the past, the near past, now or the future-maybe that’s it-in the future make America great again even though it is great.

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