Jonathan Turley, what have you done?

On the opinion page of the Washington Post, January 6, 2020, Jonathan Turley wrote a piece about the pending impeachment trial. Turley said that Minority Leader Chuck Schumer should think twice about calling for witnesses because “Hunter Biden could be a disaster” and “If the Biden contract was an ongoing corrupt effort to secure influence and money from the United States, Trump’s reference to it in a discussion of corruption has a possible public purpose.”
But Jonathan Turley ignores the other thing president Trump wanted Zelensky to investigate, Cloud-Strike, a debunked conspirator theory with no basis in reality. A theory with no basis in reality, in other words, there is no empirical evidence such a thing exists. So Mr. Turley, where is the possible public purpose in asking Zelensky to investigate Cloud-Strike? If that’s all President Trump did, one could say he’s eccentric, but 90 minutes after the conversation with Zelensky he ordered the funds legally appropriated by Congress to Ukraine to be frozen. That’s the point when the abuse of power began. In my view, I would like all the witnesses to testify including Hunter Biden so we can know the truth. And if all the witnesses testify I think it will be a disaster for Trump, not Biden.

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