It’s rigged

Donald Trump lost the election, Joe Biden won. According to polls, 75% of Trump’s supporters, sixty million people believe Trump won, and he should be president. What does this kind of thinking mean? Are they part of a cult? How else to explain it? Or are they tired of democracy and want a dictator to run the country? In other words, are they brainwashed or tired of living in a free society. I think all Americans want to be free. If you asked a Trump supporter, do you believe in freedom? He would say, of course, I do. The right to bear arms, of course, I do. The right to worship a God as you choose, of course, I do; then why do you want to overthrow an election and install a dictator who can take away all your rights with the stroke of a pen? Are people that stupid that they believe the democrats rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden? None of it makes sense.
Trump’s legal team can’t produce any evidence the democrats rigged the election.Every time they go to court, democratic and republican appointed judges throw out their complaints. So why do Trump’s supporters believe somebody rigged the election? Donald Trump said somebody rigged it; therefore, it must be true. How absurd a concept, think something is real because Donald Trump tells you without any proof. They claim to believe in freedom yet are willing to give it up. They are ready to overthrow a perfectly legal election for the US president. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by seven million votes. So why is it happening? I want to understand: they believe in freedom yet are willing to give it up.

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