Do players have the right to protest?

Do NFL players have the right to protest perceived social injustice at a football game during the National Anthem? It’s an interesting question. Is there a ‘team’ or ‘league’ rule that prohibits such conduct? It doesn’t appear so. I guess the owners can fire someone; then, it becomes an internal matter, and the NFL Players Union gets involved, and lawsuits get filed. What does the US Constitution say about it? Is it a matter of free speech? Conduct, i.e., kneeling during the National Anthem’s playing, is considered an expression of free speech under the US constitution. So it appears players do have a right to protest during the playing of the National Anthem. But emotions run high on this issue because American soldiers have died to protect American freedoms. The irony is: protesting perceived social injustice, either verbally or through conduct, is an expression of free speech American soldiers died to preserve.

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