Crossing the Rubicon

The truth is you and I have to keep fighting. Donald Trump wants you to believe he won the election, but he didn’t. Don’t be deceived; Joe Biden won the election, and you and I have to keep fighting to keep democracy alive and well in a country that is tethering on the brink of dictatorship. This denial of reality isn’t about Donald Trump; it is about a political party that is fearful minorities will take over the country and turn it into a socialist state. Donald Trump is an afterthought. The Republican Party is complicit in Trump’s attempt to delegitimize the election because they want him to succeed. Yesterday his lawyers held a press conference at the RNC spouting conspiracy theories declaring Donald Trump won the election. Today Trump invited two Michigan legislature leaders to the White House to figure out how to decertify the election results that show Joe Biden won Michigan by 150,000 votes. The coup probably won’t work, but the sad part is republican leaders, except for a few, do not condemn his actions.
The Republican Party has crossed the Rubicon, and there is no turning back.

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