“Ancient Footprints”

Awoke at a farmhouse in Scandicci high on a hill
Olive trees and Sangiovese grapes
espresso in the morning
Chianti at night
Take a tram to the city
“The David,” eyeing his opponent, ready to strike
The Bald Head Prophet, “Lo Zuccone” coming out of his skin trying to speak
Brunelleschi death mask scary to see
Donatello buried in the basement of The Basilica of San Lorenzo
Hop a train to Rome
Walking the streets, feeling the vibe
A dude dressed as a Gladiator wants 20 euros for a photo of me and him
Cat sanctuary at the Largo di Torre Argentina
City trying to close it down for years
The Cupia Pompeia, the temporary home of the Roman Senate where Caesar was killed
Turn the corner, Ristorante da Pancrazio look inside, “You know where Pompeii’s Theatre is?” “Downstairs,” the waiter said
Don’t believe a word he saying
Don’t believe all the lies
A comb over of a bald spot he’s trying to hide
Workers with hoses scrubbing horses’ heads on The Trevi Fountain
Bernini’s “The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa” at ‘Santa Maria della Vittoria’
The church of Trinita’ del’ la’ Monte at the top of the “Spanish Steps”
A view of the “Ruins of the Forum” from the terrace of the Musei Capitolini
Awoke at a farmhouse in Scandicci
Olive trees, Sangiovese grapes
espresso in the morning
Chianti at night
Long lines at the Duomo
Check out the view from the Piazza across the street
Ancient footprints walking in my shoes


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