Ancient Footprints redo

“The ecstasy of Saint Theresa”
The wooden statue of Mary Magdalene in pain
Donatello buried beside his friend Cosimo the elder-a noble gesture
Rocked hard at night
Drank my Chianti from a farmhouse on a hill in Scandicci
Puccini and Mick Jagger
Espresso to start my day
Wine and olive groves scattered among the hills
Hop a train to Rome
From where all things come
The Cat Sanctuary at the Largo di Torre Argentina
The city trying to close it for years
Walking the streets, feeling the vibe like I’ve been there before in some other life
Meet a dude dressed as a Gladiator “For 20 euro’s, I’ll pretend to stick this sword up your groin”
Julius Caesar killed at the Curia Pompeiana, the temporary home of the Roman Senate
Wine and olive groves scattered among the hills
Drinking my Chianti
Still feeling empty
Visit the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi
Nuns and Pilgrims in pews praying to the beloved saint
Bald head prophet “Lo Zuccone” coming out of his skin trying to speak
The Copula only Brunelleschi can do
In Miami
Tan line bikinis
Torn and tattered bras
So I enter the Academia check my umbrella
Turn to my right
Look down a long corridor
See “The David” from afar better than seeing it up close
Walking the streets of Scandicci high on a hill
Espresso in the morning
Chianti at night
Wine and olive groves to my left and my right
Buffed tan maidens
Torn and tattered bras
Turn the corner, Ristorante da Pancrazio look inside, “You know where Pompeii’s Theatre is?” “Downstairs,” the waiter said
Don’t believe a word he saying
Don’t believe all the lies
A comb over of a bald spot he’s trying to hide
View of the “Ruins of the Forum” from the terrace of the Musei Capitolini
“You’re going the wrong way, that’s the same obelisk we saw before.” Keep going all the way to the top, The Obelisk Sallustino in front of the church of Trinita dei Monti. “Are these ‘The Spanish Steps’”? “You’re walking on them”, a perfect stranger said
Brunelleschi death mask scary to see
Workers with hoses scrubbing horses’ heads on Trevi Fountain
“Take us to the Santa Maria della Vittoria”
“You must be an intellectual.”
“No! Just a guy from Miami, we want to see “The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa.”
“She’s having a spiritual organism,” the cab driver said
Awoke at a farmhouse in Scandicci
Olive trees, Sangiovese grapes
Espresso in the morning
Chianti at night
Long lines at the Duomo
Check out the view from the Piazza across the street
Ancient footprints walking in my shoes

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