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John A. D’Arco was born in Chicago, Il. (1944). He grew up on the Near West Side of the city of Chicago, an enclave for Italian American immigrants. John became a lawyer (1976) and a State of Illinois Legislator (1973), ending his career as Assistant Majority Leader of the Illinois State Senate, (1993). Some of his poems are political in nature and his prior political experience makes the poems more poignant. His goal as a poet and philosopher was to communicate the commonality that binds us together and to express precepts that make us think about who we are as a people and as individuals. John moved from Chicago to Florida in 1995 and presently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (Footnote) On the author’s  amazon.com page, http://amazon.com/author/johndarco there are photos of the author seated at his desk in Il. Senate Chambers (circa 1985)/ Photo of State Senator Howard Carroll of Il., the author, and Chicago Mayor Harold Washington at the author’s book signing party at Stuart Brent Book Store on Michigan Ave. in the city of Chicago. (circa 1986)/ Photo of the author and his dog Bella. (circa 2015)

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  1. Hello John nice poems! I discovered your site via Twitter while searching for David McKenzie. I stumbled upon an old thread about crooked sports on a forum called PaceAdvantage during a Google search and noticed a wrestling-related post of his mentioning emulating the wrestler Ricki Starr in his youth. Are you still in contact with him? I wanted to ask him a few questions.

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