Trump has a new slogan
The old slogan is done
‘Make America Great Again’! Is reality
‘America is Great Again’!
So logically if something is great you want to ‘keep’ it that way
So the genesis of the new slogan: ‘Keep America Great’!
This all happened in a couple of weeks
We went from ‘Make America great again’! To ‘Keep America Great’!
You might have missed it if you didn’t pay attention
All the infrastructure, global warming, 2 jobs to make ends meet, mass murders, healthcare, institutional racism, abortion, fighting foreign wars, immigration, the national debt, all solved
Now, all we got to do is ‘Keep America Great’!
And that should be easy because ‘America is Great Again’!
They missed that one
They went from ‘Make America Great Again’! To ‘Keep America Great’!
But they, and when I say they I mean the geniuses that run the Trump Campaign
Missed the slogan in between: ‘America is Great Again’!
You can’t go from ‘make’ to ‘keep’ and not ‘is’
Logic won’t have it

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