The King and I

The Khashoggi report will come out tomorrow
You guys chopped his head off
We believe in human rights
Iran is our enemy
Your son is a little crazy
I know I called you a Pariah State in the heat of the moment
But all is forgiven
We don’t want you going to Russia or China or some imaginary place I can’t think of
You are even older than me
Not sure we understand each other
Anyway we won’t be around much longer
Take care
See you soon
Maybe, maybe not
Empires need to be kind
See you soon
Maybe, maybe not
Oil is our friend

There is no other way

The Senate must try Donald J. Trump for inciting an insurrection; appeasement will not work. Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat, proposed a censure resolution that would bar Donald Trump from seeking elected office. Donald Trump is a failed leader who wanted to hang on to power, so he lied about losing the 2020 election. Republican Senators’ Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson threatened to disrupt the Senate procedures and create chaos if the trial proceeds. An attempt at intimidation makes a trial more certain. No one likes to be intimidated, especially by someone in power. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Mickey Haley, said, “I mean they beat him up before he got into office; they’re beating him up after he leaves office. I mean at some point, I mean give the man a break.” An insurrection on the Capital Building caused six people’s death, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer, Brian Sickland, and she said, “give the man a break.”
Who gave Brian Sickland a break? Someone yet to be identified beat him to death with a fire extinguisher. Americans need to know what happened on January 6, 2021; The facts must be laid bare. The D.C. Metropolitan and U.S. Capital Police defended the Capitol Building against an insurrection to take over the government, the leader of the insurrection must be held accountable. There is no other way.


Why the Republican Party crossed the Rubicon; embraced authoritarianism. Traditionally Republicans decried autocracy, believed in small government and the individual’s right to pursue dreams and aspirations without interference. Now living an alternative reality, the party that prided itself on man’s inherent ability to solve problems, now embrace conspiracy theories that confound logic and reason. This party substituted nonsense for common sense. It gnaws at me because I want to understand why it happened. Some Republicans believe in reality; some in a fantasy-that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. He told Republicans that if he lost, the Democrats rigged the election. If he said I lost the election fair and square, would that have changed the mind-set of those affected by his lies? Probably not, since he already set the predicate pre-election that the Democrats rigged the election if he lost. Before he ran for the presidency, he was a birther-people who believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not America. The racist crowd was there when Barack Obama became President.

Obama himself served as a powerful recruiting tool, as the Tea Party
ranks were swelled by “Birthers”—individuals who claimed that Obama
had been born outside the United States and was thus not eligible to
serve as President.i

Some Republicans crossed the Rubicon before Donald Trump appeared on the scene; they didn’t know it yet. They already believed a Big Lie-Barack Obama was not an American citizen; It was easy for them to accept another Bie Lie-that Democrats rigged the 2020 election.
The racism existed before Donald Trump ran for the presidency; he exploited it. Being a Birther helped him get elected President. In the original Crossing the Rubicon blog, I said, “Donald Trump is an afterthought,” but the racism is still there and will not go away soon without a fight.


How dick is that?

I don’t get you guys and girls on the left and right
What’s up? Anarchist, Racist
Who are you?
You need a center
Someone to identify, not like Trump or Che Guevara, although Che more dick[i]
V, one nasty guy
Used knives instead of guns
QAnon to abstract
Antifa doesn’t make sense
Q ok; V better
Did you see V for Vendetta?
V blew up the British Parliament to the tune of the 1812 Overture on Guy Fawkes Day, hence the mask
How dick is that?
V as dick as it gets

[i] dick is slang for cool

Crossing the Rubicon modification on January 14, 2021

The first part of the Blog is a call to action; we must defend Democracy. Then I get into why the Republican Party is willing to accept a dictator as its leader: fear of minorities forming a Socialist State. But that is too simplistic an answer. Some Republicans stood up for Democracy; Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffengregber, certified the presidential election results in favor of Joe Biden while receiving death threats to him and his family.

There is evidence Republicans fear minorities because they are voting in significant numbers. “Texas’s governor removed drop off boxes to suppress the minority vote.1 Ballot Box For 4.7 Million People: Trump Judges Reinstate Texas Limit On Drop-Off Locations.” The reinstatement didn’t last long; the Texas Supreme Court sided with the governor, ruling it was ok to remove the boxes.

Fear of minorities taking over the government and forming a Socialist State is more of a campaign talking point than a real concern for Republicans. Some in the Republican Party crossed the Rubicon after their leader did, and millions of his supporters.

Historically, the American psyche is full of Fascist overtones. The American First Committee was against our involvement in the 2nd World War, Charles Lindbergh, its most popular spokesman. “He became the leading voice of the America First Committee—a group of some 800,000 members that opposed American entry into World War II. Lindbergh spoke at several A.F.C. rallies in 1941. The group was characterized by anti-Semitic, pro-fascist rhetoric, leading some to call Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer.”

In the attempt to blacklist people during The McCarthyism Era, the F.B.I. spied on Americans to fight Communism; “In 1959, two years after McCarthy’s death, over 400 agents in the F.B.I.’s New York Field Office were assigned to “communism,” and only four to organized crime.”

They are still up to their old tricks, but Domestic Muslim Terrorism has replaced Communism. In 2013 New York F.B.I. agents tried to recruit three Muslim men to spy on other Muslims. They refused for religious reasons; they were harassed at work and put on the No-Fly-List. They sued the F.B.I. and the agents personally. The case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. On December 11, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the men can sue the agents for monetary damages in a unanimous decision; a damming denunciation of the F.B. I.

Historical traits of American Fascism don’t go away quickly. It’s part of the American psyche. It is part of the C.I.A.’s psyche-they tortured people and destroyed the video evidence to avoid prosecution in the name of National Security.

What is needed to manifest an authoritarian leader? A white male senior citizen who lives in The Villages, a Florida Retirement community, shouts White Power in a video that Donald Trump retweeted on his Twitter feed.

Trump’s slogans are not new. Make America Great Again borrowed from the Reagan administration. America First borrowed from the America First Committee, The appeal to white working-class male Americans borrowed from the Nixon Administration-The Silent Majority. Authoritarianism and Fascism ingrained in the American psyche, Donald Trump is the latest manifestation.


What is going on here?

I am trying to figure out what is going on here. Some Republican leaders deny reality and embrace the big lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election; some Trump voters, too. The leaders will put on a show on January 6 in the Congress of the US. claiming the election was flawed. Congress will vote to affirm that Joe Biden won the election.  So here is the deal, covid-19 ravages the country, the vaccine rollout is a disaster, and Republicans in Congress are playing games to advance their careers. To say they suck is to kind a word.  Only four and a half million Americans have vaccinated so far. These men and women care about themselves above all else, even though they are public servants and owe a duty to uphold the constitution—what a sad state of affairs in a country where Americans have given their lives to preserve liberty.

Presidential power

A democratic republic can have an authoritarian leader. We glimpsed this reality from the past, i.e., the Nixon administration, but never so evident a truth then during the Trump Administration. I was startled that Trump could do the things he did, and there was no one to stop him. He fired the head of the FBI, even though he had a ten-year term. The president fired three active inspectors general whose job was to investigate wrongdoing by people in his administration, even though they were supposed to be immune to political pressure. He was acquitted by the Senate even though the evidence was overwhelming of committed impeachable offenses. He committed crimes, i.e., obstruction of justice, during the Mueller Investigation. He hired his daughter and son-in-law to senior advisor positions in the White House even though there is a nepotism law prohibiting it. His senior advisor Kellyanne Conway consistently violated the Hatch Act that forbids mixing politics and government policy. He refused to divest his real estate empire to avoid financial conflicts of interest as president. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, an infectious disease expert at the CDC, told Americans in late February that the virus outbreak could become a pandemic and needed to prepare; she was sidelined and never heard from again. The list goes on and on. He was despicable, but he shined a spotlight on the holes in the democratic fabric when someone displays autocratic tendencies as president. Congress should fill those holes where they can but be careful not to diminish the presidency’s power; it is essential to have a strong chief executive at the ship’s helm.

It’s rigged

Donald Trump lost the election, Joe Biden won. According to polls, 75% of Trump’s supporters, sixty million people believe Trump won, and he should be president. What does this kind of thinking mean? Are they part of a cult? How else to explain it? Or are they tired of democracy and want a dictator to run the country? In other words, are they brainwashed or tired of living in a free society. I think all Americans want to be free. If you asked a Trump supporter, do you believe in freedom? He would say, of course, I do. The right to bear arms, of course, I do. The right to worship a God as you choose, of course, I do; then why do you want to overthrow an election and install a dictator who can take away all your rights with the stroke of a pen? Are people that stupid that they believe the democrats rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden? None of it makes sense.
Trump’s legal team can’t produce any evidence the democrats rigged the election.Every time they go to court, democratic and republican appointed judges throw out their complaints. So why do Trump’s supporters believe somebody rigged the election? Donald Trump said somebody rigged it; therefore, it must be true. How absurd a concept, think something is real because Donald Trump tells you without any proof. They claim to believe in freedom yet are willing to give it up. They are ready to overthrow a perfectly legal election for the US president. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by seven million votes. So why is it happening? I want to understand: they believe in freedom yet are willing to give it up.

Crossing the Rubicon

The truth is you and I have to keep fighting. Donald Trump wants you to believe he won the election, but he didn’t. Don’t be deceived; Joe Biden won the election, and you and I have to keep fighting to keep democracy alive and well in a country that is tethering on the brink of dictatorship. This denial of reality isn’t about Donald Trump; it is about a political party that is fearful minorities will take over the country and turn it into a socialist state. Donald Trump is an afterthought. The Republican Party is complicit in Trump’s attempt to delegitimize the election because they want him to succeed. Yesterday his lawyers held a press conference at the RNC spouting conspiracy theories declaring Donald Trump won the election. Today Trump invited two Michigan legislature leaders to the White House to figure out how to decertify the election results that show Joe Biden won Michigan by 150,000 votes. The coup probably won’t work, but the sad part is republican leaders, except for a few, do not condemn his actions.
The Republican Party has crossed the Rubicon, and there is no turning back.

Humble losers

Time to call it a day
You rose to the pinnacle of success.
Had a messy career
If Mussolini, hung upside down
But here, do it legally
Take the red hat off
Bow, rise, wave, and say goodbye
Exit right or left
Time to say goodbye
You are a loser
But humble losers are winners in the end.